Outlanders, the village developing simulator, is coming to PC

Citizens, unite!

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Pomelo Games is an indie outfit from Uruguay, and has traditionally been focused on the mobile market. Don’t worry, though – these are the good sorts with mobile titles, so when one of them does make the jump to PC, it’s worth paying attention to.

The game’s premise is a well-worn and loved one – you’ll be managing the daily lives of your little citizens, attempting to establish and sustain a cute little village for them to exist within. If you want continual and resounding success, you’ll have to juggle all sorts of variables, such as your villagers’ happiness, resource production and consumption, and whether your little guys will be forced to work a miserable 9-5 or not! While you can’t directly control your villagers like an omniscient god-king, you can influence their actions through village decrees and careful job prioritisation.

All of this is done via a level-based campaign, closing Outlanders’ gap in genre quite nicely being a sort of mix between a resource-colony management and puzzle game. With dynamic challenges and changes around the corner at all times, and even a sandbox mode to create your own dream towns, challenges, and scenarios, it’s not difficult to see why there’s been enough success to warrant a PC port to Steam.

Unfortunately, the PC version of Outlanders doesn’t yet have a set-in-stone release date, but we do know that you can expect a release not too far down the road, in Q1 2023! Stay tuned for more coverage as the game gets closer to its release.

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