Watch me stream one of the worst visual novels I’ve ever played

I don't think I'll ever purge my brain of this game...

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One of the joys of streaming things that you’re playing for the first time is that the audience can see, in real time, you come to the realisation that what you are playing is just terrible. Fragment’s Note Plus is just terrible. In the hour or so of this stream (it’s about an hour of what seems to be a five-hour game), you see the protagonist get hardcore horny for his sister, make out with a girl he hasn’t seen for eight years in front of his entire class, and then just casually walk in on her changing, only for her to go with it big time.

Despite all that happening, the dialogue repeats itself over and over and over again, taking about 1,000 words to arrive at the point. This truly is a game that gives VNs a poor name.

Whether I actually review this depends on whether I can stomach playing it any longer, but you’ll get a sense of everything this game has to offer from this stream anyway.

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