Love cathartic total destruction? Terror of Hemasaurus might be for you

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Remember Rampage?

If we asked you to think of a video game with a gargantuan creature rampaging through a city and annihilating everything in its path, you’re probably going to come up with some game from that series. For most of us, it was this loud and obnoxious PS2 entry, Rampage: Total Destruction, and while it was, in hindsight, actually pretty mediocre, it was one of those games that everyone loved to play back in the day.

Terror of Hemasaurus is described by its developer Loren Lemcke and publisher Digerati as a “retro city smash ‘em up”, allowing players to do about all you could expect from a city destruction game. Lemcke is no newcomer to game development and has several solo projects under his belt already. With his other fittingly pixelated, arcade-style releases on Steam like Super Blood Hockey and Over 9000 Zombies under his belt, he has been highly interactive with the community on Twitter throughout the development of this current project. There’s a lot of interest there, and with good reason!

You’ll be able to completely level city blocks, crush cars under the heels of your feet, or turn completely innocent bystanders into pink mist by the hands of one of the four playable creatures: Hemasaurus, Clocksloth, Salamandrah, and Autonomous Hemasaurus. And while it may seem needlessly sadistic or brutal (nah, no such thing – ed), you can actually rest easy knowing that you’re actually saving humanity from itself and its own non-observance of a brewing climate catastrophe! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without co-op gameplay, so that’s there too.

This one is going to be available on an incredible number of platforms. It launches on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on October 17, but then later on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch between December 5 and 7.

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