Cyberpunk graphic adventure Neon Blood launching in early 2023

Are you ready for a revolution?

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The key art for Neon Blood feature the main character, Axel, and the game's logo on top of a city backdrop.

Lead a revolution in Neon Blood, a 2.5D PixelArt adventure set in a broken, dystopian society. The game promises to be full of plot twists, and happens after the devastation of World War III; we all know WWIII is coming, so this hits oddly close to home for someone like me who is petrified of the current state of the political world.

It’s 2053, and humanity has been reduced to a two cities, a macropolis called Viridis. Bright City is luxurious and futuristic whereas Blind City is the gritty, dystopian side of things. The narrative definitely seems to emphasize the tension between the haves and the have-nots. Check out the announcement trailer:

Axel McCoin is a detective from Blind City, motivated by his ideals. He rebels against the injustices caused by the separation between the two cities. He’s also motivated by the social inequalities that exist in society. Axel becomes a symbol of the revolution to like-minded folk. He wants to reveal the dark secrets of Viridis and start a revolution. He will meet powerful allies who can help him on his quest for togetherness and equality. Of course, there are also enemies who will try to thwart him, like Ruby Emerald who will do literally anything to derail Axel’s plans.

Neon Blood promises a deep, elaborate story with the cyberpunk themed serving as the thread that minds it all together. Axel will move between the two cities, revealing the differences to players. It has 2.5D visuals, using 2D spirited with 3D-modelled environments.

Developed by ChaoticBrain Studios and published by Meridiem Games, Neon Blood will be released digitally for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in 2023; the launch is set for “winter” (likely Northern since the publisher is in Spain) so I’d expect it in the first three months of the year.


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