The forest isn’t the only landscape you’ll be exploring in KAKU: Ancient Seal!

The Prehistoric Man sequel?!?

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BINGOBELL is an independent game development studio based in China, and while it’d be an understatement to describe them as new to the indie dev market, that’s never stopped anyone from creating hit games and absolute bangers!

KAKU: Ancient Seal is BINGOBELL’s first attempt at this, having begun development back in 2019, and originally being set to release in 2021. If you couldn’t tell, the year today is 2022, so that didn’t happen, however, we now have an update. The release date is set for next year, but we’re also getting a demo really soon.

Kaku is going to be an open-world experience, with four big continents to explore, themed after four elemental concepts: Flaming Mountain, Dragon Bone Desert, Misty Swamp, and Windy Snow Field. Kaku will have access to a vast array of self-crafted weapons, various unique tribespeople interactions, and the general ability to “forge your own path to victory,” as described by Brian Wang, a producer at BINGOBELL.

Oh, and of course, this is all experienced with the companionship of a plucky pet pig partner (no, not an emergency food ration)!

Exploration is the cardinal feature of Kaku and from the looks of it, the 2023 release for the PS5, PS4, and Steam for PC will have more than enough of this to satisfy even the most relentless taste for discovery. And as a bonus, we’re getting a playable demo on Steam for PC in just a few days on September 30, so we’ll be able to put all of these expectations to the test very soon!


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