Dropsy’s a sign of yet more Switch re-releases to come!

Dropsy sounds like a game that should feature Australia's favourite pet, the dropbear.

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It’s amazing to think that the Switch is as old as it is, and yet remains a haven for games new, old, and in-between, and a place for ports, remasters, and remakes. Part of it is because the console itself can’t stop selling, of course. And part of it is because it sells to everyone. The market share growth is in all sectors, even amongst older customers aged 45 and up, having grown up with the original NES.

And that’s why the developers of a fairly obscure point-and-clicker from 2015 would look at the console and think there’s an opportunity there to dust their old game off.

This is the story of Dropsy, a formerly PC-exclusive point-and-click adventure from developers Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse. Originally released back in 2015, and with no further releases since, it will land on the console in just a few days, on September 29.

There should be a good fit there, with the Nintendo Switch becoming the de facto standard bearer of the modern casual, portable gaming platform, given that it has been relatively untouched by predatory microtransaction business models (I’m looking at you, mobile games!). In other words, the developers of a game like Dropsy can simply… drop… it on the console without needing to re-work it so it fleeces players for all their money.

Bring it on, we say. The more hyper-niche things we get to enjoy on our Switches, the more the console entrenches itself as our favourite.


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