Check out A Plague Tale: Requiem’s rat-infested story trailer!

Rats deserve better than the discrimination this game inflicts on them!

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A Plague's Tale Requiem Gets A New Trailer

Asobo Studio (developer), and Focus Home Entertainment (publisher), have hit us with a story trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem today, an upcoming sequel of the previous release, namely titled A Plague Tale: Innocence (check out our review of that game here).

Although Innocence was riddled with narrative and aesthetic puzzle pieces that fused to create a mosaic of creative design, albeit with the occasional plotline flaw here and there, it was overall a remarkably vivid and creative project. Let’s see if Asobo Studio can build on that in a way that shows maturity and a better grasp of the strong concept.

If you ask us, there’s a pretty good chance of that happening! This new story trailer has given us plenty of confidence of that, given how important the narrative was always going to be to this game.

From what we’ve seen, the plot follows Amicia and Hugo’s journey to a mysterious island, in hopes to find a final cure to Hugo’s curse, heralding death and destruction in a flood of devouring rats. With lone survival being an almost certain recipe for death, the De Runes must place their uneasy trust in the island’s local inhabitants at great risk. There’s all the potential for this to be something intense.

This tale of brother and sister will be available next month on October 18, and you’ll be able to pick it up on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, and Steam for PC.


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