Bunnies on our consoles! Bunhouse is hopping off the PC!


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Here’s the happy, warm, fuzzy news I needed this week: the absolutely wonderful Bunhouse is making the move from PC to consoles next year.

The game will come to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, and the Nintendo Switch, which will be the absolutely perfect platform for it. In the game you play as a bunny. Chill out, do a bit of fishing, or grow plants to make some money (carrots, naturally) to buy the seeds to grow more plants. Whatever you want to do, really. You’re a rabbit, not an investment banker. You’re not being measured by KPIs in this game.

Unfortunately, our review of the game got lost in the great Website migration, but we did list it as one of our games of Christmas last year, and there we wrote of it: “You be a bunneh. It’s cute, it’s charming, it’s warm, it’s accessible, and it’s just so nice that you can’t help but love it. As much as we all love games that challenge and invigorate us, something like this is perfect for entertaining the little kids when they’re around, or puttering around with while sipping a glass (or bottle) or two of eggnog.”

Admittedly I haven’t played the game in a fair few months now, so, looking at the trailer above, I can’t wait to hop back into it, as it looks like the developer has continued to work on it and refine it most adorably.


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