The really-quite-good ANNO: Mutationem is landing on Switch soon

Cyberpunk with pretty girls!

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ANNO: Mutationem is a really decent action RPG blended with an adventure game, set in a cyberpunk world. This is good cyberpunk, too, not like that big corporate Cyberpunk game that felt like a big corporate take on cyberpunk. And now, ANNO is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The game lands on September 1, and joins PS4, PS5 and PC versions of the game. It always did look and feel like something best suited to the Switch, with a simple 2D set-up and clean, brawler-like combat system. It’s the kind of game you know is going to play fine on the Switch hardware, so unless something catastrophic goes wrong, it will be worth picking up a second time to be able to play it on the go.

We never actually reviewed ANNO (from memory it was a busy couple of release weeks). We did, however, do a stream of the first hour or so of play, so you can check that out and see if this game is for you. The Switch version will be unchanged from the other versions currently available.

Oh, and you can play dress-up with the protagonist, Ann. That’s always fun in games.


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  • Do you know if this will include DLC from other platforms (costume pack, weapon pack) in the base Switch game the way Idea Factory and Koei Tecmo do with their Switch ports?

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