Rally your posse for seafaring shenanigans in Ship of Fools!

Ahoy ye landlubba'... wait, it's not speak like a pirate day. Soz.

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Ship Of Fools Gets New Trailer

As a terrible cacophony of stormy rains and marauding waves thrashes your hometown, you, and your plucky crew onboard the rickety ‘Stormrider,’ investigate and solve what is causing the corruption and malice that is plaguing the seas. Welcome to Ship of Fools!

Fika Productions, the developer responsible for this soon-to-be-released seafaring roguelite, isn’t well known for its standalone indie game development, instead opting to collaborate with other studios on both gaming and non-gaming projects. So this is a big opportunity for the team.

Although Ship of Fools has a planned release date set to November 22 of this year, there’s enough information available via the Steam page description and a release date trailer to give us a sneak peek into what it’s all about. And at first glance, it looks like a peculiar amalgam of a bunch of classics we’ve seen in the past:

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is seeing a clear connection between this title’s art style with a certain Klei Entertainment series (*cough* don’t… starve! *cough*), yet the combat mechanics, as seen in the trailer, somehow resembles Overcooked, which, funnily enough, was backed by the same produces as Ship of Fools, Team17!

As the game is designed around organisation and cooperation, you and your crew will have more responsibilities than just the navigation of your vessel. You’ll have to manage repairs, interact with various NPCs, and use whatever equipment you have at hand to ward off deep-sea creatures of the night from interfering with your noble quest.

If you’re raring to sail the seas and all of the accompanying challenges, you’ll be able to realise these dreams after its launch on the PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, and Steam for PC on November 22.


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