Guide a young resident through his first weeks at a hospital in Fall of Porcupine

An endearing love letter to healthcare workers

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The key art for Fall of Porcupine, featuring a multitude of animals looming over a hospital.

If you love mystery RPGs and heartwarming stories, Fall of Porcupine may be for you. Described by its developer and publisher as “a true love letter to wholesome indie adventures and the hardships faced by healthcare workers,” the game explores difficult subject matters while also focusing on the importance of friendship. A bonus: it is inspired by Scrubs and Night in the Woods (both good things to have for inspiration).

Finley the fledgling doctor is new in town, and players will guide him through the first few weeks of his residency to practice internal medicine. Porcupine seems like a quaint, friendly place where everybody knows everybody; unfortunately, the truth is that not everyone is honest. Dishonesty is hard enough to deal with, but it gets worse when Finley is also confronted by the collision of work and daily life – a reflection on unhealthy and systematic issues effecting many healthcare systems right now (I know we’re really struggling in Canada).

Fall of Porcupine features fun minigames, sleek platforming, and branching dialogue choices. Dialogue choices will influence character relationships. It’s a story of friendship, self-sacrifice, and self-love; it’s also not afraid to tackle serious topics head-on. Finley will run, jump, and glide through the town while diagnosing ailments and reporting to the rather unsupportive head doctor. Gameplay mechanics are described as “simple yet fun” and should be good to go for any level of gamer. Finley will also explore the town’s outskirts, hang out with friends, and unearth the secrets that shroud the town in mystery.

Developed by Buntspecht.Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, Fall of Porcupine will be released for PC via Steam/GOG, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One next year. The prologue is now available to play for free via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox; it will be available for Nintendo Switch on August 30.


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