Become a mighty samurai mage in Mahokenshi

Wield both blade and magic

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The key art for Mahokenshi features a samurai fighting a demon, with cards flying about.

Inspired by Japanese folklore, Mahokenshi is an action strategy deck-building game where choices mean everything. Set in the vibrant Celestial Islands, the game has player choosing a house based on play style. Then they wield a sword and hold the power of magic, trying to protect the land from forces of corruption. The Mahokenshis are the only hope.

The islands hold many adventures. Meet the people, save entire villages, find remote locations, uncover treasure, discover shrines, and defeat demons. Battles are fully animated, with options for magical maneuvers, fiery attacks, strong defensive moves, and quick counterattacks. There are over 200 cards available.

The above video contains information on the houses. The four houses/Mahokenshi that can be chosen from each have their own pros and cons. Ayaka is part of the House of Ruby, known for being fierce. Kaito is with the sturdy House of Sapphire. Sota, part of the House of Jade, is secretive. Finally, Misaki is part of the cunning House of Topaz.

Developed by Game Source Studio and published by Iceberg Interactive, Mahokenshi will be released for PC via Steam (wishlist here) in January 2023.


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