Podcast-in-Video: The big game releases in July

JRPGs headline this month - it's going to be a good 'un!

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Sword and Fairy 7 console release announcement

If you’re into your JRPGs, you’re going to have a good month with July’s releases. Across both retro and modern, the likes of Square Enix and Nintendo have some big ones to look forward to. And there’s a Chinese RPG (CRPG?) that you should also pay very close attention to.

There’s also the usual bevvy of interesting-looking indie titles, perhaps most fun of which will be when the River City brawling action takes to the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. That game looks like an absolute hoot, and coming off the excellent TMNT brawler from last month, we’re in the mood for more of that.

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Meanwhile, be sure to tell us which games you’re looking forward to the most!


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