Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 announced – lots of new stuff to look forward to!

Island sanctuary? Let's get them bikinis on!

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New Final Fantasy XIV patch - 6.2 - details released!

Patch 6.2 in Final Fantasy, titled Buried Memory, is scheduled to release towards the end of August this year. Buried Memory contains a multitude of additions, catering to pretty much every playstyle desired in the MMO, and continues to grow what has been one of the most successful MMOs of all time.

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The big-ticket item here is that the long-awaited addition of the Island Sanctuary is imminent! Although it doesn’t add much to the main story progression, it does allow players to develop and maintain their own plot of land with new buildings, creatures, and more. Progression through the island’s features will essentially be solo, but players will have the ability to invite their friends to idly hang out with and take a look around (if you’re like me, you’ll really be inviting them to flex your island-developing muscles).

To some, this provides a respite of sorts – a break from the chaos of the main story. But to all the others who like to get right into the action, don’t worry! There’s a lot more on offer with 6.2!

Buried Memory comes with “the latest chapter in the critically acclaimed story, fresh battle changes, system upgrades, and more.” Pandæmonium: Abyssos, an eight-player raid, a new dungeon, trial, and side quests are also set to be implemented.

In addition to all of this, a few details about the following patch, Patch 6.25, were revealed, with more to come later. This patch announces the return of Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, an ongoing (and beloved) side quest starring a caricature of Sherlock Holmes, as well as new weapon enhancement quests, allowing the player to obtain and enhance Manderville weapons in the 6.x series, being closely tied to the questline.

We’ll more than likely get some more information before 6.2’s release, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything new.

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