Seven Pirates H: The most fanservicey fan service of all

They'll poke your eyes out.

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Seven Pirates H is Idea Factory’s latest fan service special and even by Idea Factory’s standards for fan service this one *goes places*. So much so that while you’ll see plenty of examples of it in this video there is a bunch of stuff I just don’t want to risk on this channel.

It is a good, entertaining little turn-based JRPG above and beyond the fan service and I’m very glad to have played it. That’s all this video is really here for – to highlight the fan service. You’ll know whether you’ll love this or not on that basis. For more details about the game itself, be sure to check out the review on the DDNet site!

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  • I want you to know, that if my wife catches me playing this game (which I definitely will) and chews me out for it (which she definitely would, not without good reason I might add) I am placing the blame on this website. XD

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