GreedFall, a most excellent RPG, is getting a sequel

It's a sequel to one of the low-key best RPGs ever.

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GreedFall 2 announced, the sequel to a brilliant RPG

Nacon and Spiders have announced a sequel to GreedFall, GreedFall 2 – The Dying World. It’s set in the same world as the original, and features much of the same intent, because GreedFall was a most excellent game and one of the smarter RPGs that has been released in recent years.

It was a game about colonial powers and native people. Three nations discovered an island and decided that they were entitled to it, which brought them into conflict with the native peoples. What made GreedFall so great was that it actually dealt with that topic, made it pretty clear where your sympathies should lie, and generally made the labyrinthine politics with each of the factions as unpleasant as it is as nations carve up territory that isn’t theirs. GreedFall 2 flips things around in that now you’re playing as a native that is forced (one assumes slavery) to relocate to the old world, and needs to win their freedom and then work out what’s going on over there as a plague ravages everyone.

I am really excited about this. GreedFall is one of the few games that I’ve played multiple times – both on PlayStation 4 and again when the PS5 update was released – and while it comes from a “Eurojank” developer in Spiders, it was actually on the cusp of being a bona fide blockbuster-standard RPG. The writing was tight, the action was fine (usually a problem with Eurojank), and the aesthetics were spot-on. If the developers can continue to hit the balance between strong writing and a serious theme that they took seriously, GreedFall 2 could be another major win for the genre.

Unfortunately, we do have a while to wait. It will be released in “2024” on PC and consoles. But at least we have a trailer to whet our appetites.


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  • Two days in a row with surprise announcements from developers of two of my favorite games!!! Greedfall 2 & Miasma Chronicles (from the makers of Mutant Year Zero) – looking forward to both these games!! Just hope I can finally get my hands on a PS5 by the time they release!! 😸

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