A Week on the Water update: The ABSOLUTE WORST THING has happened

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News by Matt S.

I want to cry.

I seriously want to cry.

I was all set to publish A Week on the Water this weekend. The game was just about finished, all the text and programming was in there, and it was actually looking really good.

And then, somehow, not only did my PC hard drive crash and corrupt the program data, but it took the backup HD with it. That is, with no exaggeration, hundreds of hours of work, gone, just like that. Thankfully I had kept an extra backup of all the scripts in the cloud, and of course I’ve got so many backups of the art files that I’ll never lose them, but the actually making of the game itself is back to square one.

So, yeah. I want to cry.

The visual novel’s not going to be ready this weekend, folks, but what I am going to try and do is get a demo of the final game ready over the next week, so that you can see what the final product will look and feel like. The good news is that the vast bulk of the time spent on this project was on the writing and art, so the actual release will only be set back around a month.

There’s also a second a silver lining to this, and that is, just before the big event happened, I do believe I’ve got the game working on both Android and Mac, so more people will be able to play it than if I had just released it on Windows.

Nonetheless… do I feel very foolish right now or what?

(I do).

And sincerely, sorry folks. I’ve been so excited to finally get this thing out there.  

– Matt S.
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