24 Games Of Christmas! Day #13: Monster Train: First Class

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As has become an annual tradition at DDNet, we are here to help you count down towards Christmas! One new game every day for the 24 days from December 1 to Christmas Eve. Think of it as a kind of Advent Calendar, if you will, giving you new tips and ideas for games to pick up and play at that rare time of year where everyone does have a little more time to indulge their favourite hobbies.

Also, it’s an excuse to post pictures of cute anime girls in Christmas gear every day. I won’t deny that we love doing that too.

Day #13: Monster Train: First Class

I don’t necessarily think that Monster Train: First Class is the best game out there. However, it is a perfect Christmas game because it perfectly slots in with the way Christmasses go for most of us. When we have to entertain the kids of our siblings (and yes that’s a chore and I won’t hear arguments to the contrary), or attend family functions, travel for the sake of parties and work overtime to get everything done before the break, we don’t always have time to sit down with a 50-hour JRPG.

A single run in Monster Train will last you around an hour or so, and the variety in terms of how you can level things up, the units you can obtain, and the enemies that you’ll square off again is exceptional. It’s the kind of game that you can sit down for longer if you have the time and enjoy the rhythms of each replay, or you can put it down and not pick it up for another six months without losing anything. It’s the kind of game you’ll want on your console for short bursts of play, or even some downtime when you can’t figure out what to play next. It’s perfect for Christmas. 

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