Poll of the week: Which Koei Tecmo 2022 release are you most looking forward to?

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Poll by Matt S.

We thought we’d start doing a weekly poll at DDNet, and give people a chance to share their thoughts regarding various topical… topics. Each week on YouTube and Twitter we’ll have a different question, and then we’ll collate your thoughts and share the results each week.

For our first poll, we thought we’d tie things into Tokyo Game Show, which just ended. Specifically, we took a look at Koei Tecmo, which had a particularly strong showing, and highlighted a lot of exciting games on the horizon for 2022. We were interested in knowing which of those games you were most keen on playing.

The winner, by a small margin, was the Team Ninja-developed Final Fantasy Origin – a Souls-like reimaging of the original Final Fantasy. There was a new demo that was launched to tie into the event, and we’re starting to get the sense that this game is going to be quite the amusing little dig at how self-serious Final Fantasy tends to be.

Just behind Origin was Atelier Sophie 2. Atelier Sophie was, before Ryza, perhaps the most broadly-loved Atelier game, so it’s not surprising that Gust would be back to continue her adventure some more.

The other two games – Nobunaga’s Ambition Shinsei and Touken Ranbu Warriors – only had a small number of votes each, but it’s good to see them getting support, since both games look like they’ll be highly enjoyable in their own right.

Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll, and we’ll be back with another one at the end of the week!

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