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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s regular catch-up news feature. With each issue we will bring you the best news that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

Surprise! It’s time to romance your weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon has a ridiculous concept: plunder the dungeon, fending off monsters while using your potential romances as weapons. Or your weapons as potential romances, but I don’t think it matters either way. When I say the premise is ridiculous, I mean it in the best possible way. The folks over at Kitfox Games in Montreal are clearly super creative with great sense of humours, and that’s been reflected by everything I’ve seen thus far about the game. A surprise drop to coincide with Nintendo’s Indie World stream just makes sense! Here’s the launch trailer:

So back to dating your weapons, or weaponising your dates, while plundering a procedurally-generated dungeon. You can date up to seven weapons, as well as use them in combat. You’ll level up the weapons while learning all about their life stories. The gameplay is pure hack-and-slash. Despite being called Boyfriend Dungeon, the game promises to be inclusive of all forms of gender/sexuality by including male, female, and non-binary romance.

Boyfriend Dungeon is both developed and published by Kitfox Games. It is now available for PC via Steam/Microsoft, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

A director’s cut of Necrobarista is now available on Switch

Aussie game alert! Necrobarista (our review can be read here), the game about death and coffee in Melbourne, has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch in the form of Necrobarista: Final Pour. This version of the game is a director’s cut with some new things to sink your teeth into. This was another surprise drop, and it is available now. Here’s the trailer:

The game is new take on visual novels, set in a back-alley café during a night where the dead are allowed to mix with the living. There are typical visual novel elements, but there are also free-roaming first-person scenes. As I mentioned, Final Pour is a director’s cut. That equals hours of new content, new gameplay modes, and remastered visuals.

Developed by Route 59 and published by Coconut Island Games, Necrobarista first launched for Apple Arcade and PC last July. Necrobarista: Final Pour brings the game to Nintendo Switch, and a PlayStation 4 version is in the works.

Bark bark! Pupperazzi is coming to Xbox One

Kitfox Games has been on a roll in the past 24 hours. Today, it was a Boyfriend Dungeon announcement. Yesterday, though, was all about Pupperazzi, the game about taking photos of dogs. Yes, it’s kind of Pokémon Snap but with free roaming and so. many. dogs. Famous dogs, skateboarding dogs, and everything in between are all possible subjects. There are no humans, there are only dogs. Here’s the latest trailer announcing the Xbox version of the title:

Let’s get this out of the way: yes, you can pet the dogs. But really, that pales in comparison to the actual gameplay. The game has a first-person view, and as a photographer the player will have to explore and interact with the world and an awful lots of pups. In addition to photographing and petting the dogs, you can play with them, dress them up, dance with them, or even chase them with the evil monster known as Vacuum. Really, though, the game is solidly based in photography. Your photos will have to be good, and to do that you’ll want to upgrade your gear as much as possible.

Developed by Sundae Month and published by Kitfox Games, Pupperazzi will launch for PC via Steam and Xbox One. There is currently no announced release date, but I don’t expect it will be too much longer!

The second part of Fantasian is only a day away

The first part of Fantasian released to quiet fanfare on April 1, likely because it is an Apple Arcade exclusive that can only be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac. Regardless, it’s a phenomenal title. Its second part will conclude the narrative, something we’ve been waiting months for. Here’s two trailers, to celebrate the launch (one on the story, one on features):

Fantasian is set in multiple dioramas, perhaps the best feature of the title. They are so detailed, it’s incredible. The story follows Leo, who has lost all of his memories save for one, and while trying to reclaim the rest he ends up on the path to unravelling the mystery of a mechanical infection engulfing everything. This second part of the game of more quest-driven than the first. Originally, we were promised it would be 20 to 30 hours of gameplay, but it seems to be longer than expected and now estimated to take 40 to 60 hours. There are also a handful of new features, such as swapping party members mid-battle, an expanded Growth Map, 50 new dioramas, and 34 new tracks.

Developed by Mistwalker, the first Fantasian is currently available on Apple Arcade. The second part will launch on August 13. Yes, I understand the irony in posting about this days after Matt S’ opinion piece about the evils of subscription services, but unfortunately sometimes that’s the only way to play a title. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fantasian eventually becomes available for sale on PC and consoles.

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