The Space Invaders Invincible Collection FINALLY comes out in the west on August 17

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Dear, sweet Miku did Taito take its time to finally release the most excellent Space Invaders Invincible Collection in the west. This thing was released in Japan in March last year. It was a better time then. Remember when COVID-19 was just a mild irritation and temporary distraction that would soon go away? Remember when we were all looking forward to buying tickets to watch the Karate Kata and Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Remember all that? That’s when the Invincible Collection released in Japan.

Taito has now announced that it will release in the west on August 17 – less than a week away. For those that missed my original review, this is an absolutely essential collection, and while I am admittedly a Space Invaders fan in the deepest sense, there’s so much history, heritage, and quality gameplay here that everyone who has any respect for video games really owes it to themselves to have this collection. If nothing else, the collection has Space Invaders Extreme, and whatever your thoughts about how the rest of the collection has aged, Space Invaders Extreme is a masterpiece worth buying all by itself.

So, there you go. Be sure to pick this up in a few days.

Matt S.
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