Here’s what to expect from this month’s Dee Dee Zine!

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News by Matt S.

It’s getting close to the middle of the month, and you know what that means… it’s Dee Dee Zine time!

This month’s magazine is another 48-page special, filled with games, as well as pieces on Japanese culture, art, and more. Some of the features of the issue include:

– On JRPGs with a sense of travel
– Rurouni Kenshin films deconstructed
– Good fanservice: Final Fantasy X-2
– Interview: On the art behind Cross The Moon
– On Osamu Dazai and No Longer Human – Japan’s great literary masterpiece
– Photo of the month, Bring this classic back!, Japan’s great drinks, and other regular features

And finally, here’s the front and back cover of this month’s magazine – the art on the back was drawn by the super-talented Gabbu Ojisan.

Front Cover
Back Cover

Remember, the magazine is an exclusive benefit for people that back DDNet on Patreon. You can do that for just $1/month, making this one of the cheapest magazine subscriptions you’ll ever find.

– Matt S.
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