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I do so love Rin Tohsaka. And also I love Everyday Today’s Menu for Emiya Family. For those that don’t know, this is a spin-off of the Fate series, and while Fate goes some incredibly dark places, Everyday Today’s Menu is bright, wholesome, and a truly charming celebration of cooking.

And it has Rin Tohsaka.

The game based on the anime has been one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since it was announced and now we have a release date (and it’s not far away!). The game releases on June 2 in the west.

In the game – which has been supervised by Type-Moon, the creators behind the Fate series – you’ll get to cook up all your favourite dishes and hang out with all your favourite people (Rin!). There are eight different cooking-based minigames to enjoy, but you’ve got to assume it’s the narrative that’s important to this one, and there is both the main story, and “daily menu” where you can unlock memories as you go along.

This game is looking charming and gorgeous, and the perfect accompaniment to one of the true hidden gems of recent anime.

– Matt S.
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