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I’m very sorry about the all-caps yelling there in the headline. Except that I am absolutely not. There’s a Blue Reflection anime happening and I am over the moon.

Blue Reflection is my favourite JRPG for the past decade. It’s not necessarily the best game of all, but it is the most aesthetically beautiful, and it’s a combination of GUST’s JRPG magic, magical girls themes, cute costumes and a ballet girl. It’s just layer after layer of my favourite things.

But it’s also not the most well-known or received game that Gust has ever produced. The perception (of those that hadn’t played it) that it was wall-to-wall fanservice unfairly killed it. So, on that basis, I didn’t think we’d ever see Blue Reflection returned.

And yet, now there’s an anime happening, and it looks really lovely. Currently, there’s no localisation announcement (but I would give it better-than-decent odds), but even if it never is localised, it gives us hope for the future. Koei Tecmo hasn’t forgotten about the most beautiful game that they’ve ever created. It’s heartening.

Here’s a trailer. Let’s hope we have a localisation announcement soon.

– Matt S.
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