Sade: A My Time With Dee Dee Visual Novel, is now live!

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News by Matt S. 


It’s been quite the hike to get to this point, but Sade is finally live. Drawing inspiration from the Marquis de Sade proved to be a mighty challenge, as I wanted to (and needed to) capture his themes and aesthetics, but at the same time needed to make sure the game worked and would be interesting to play. 

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My hope is that Sade will be equal parts challenging and uncomfortable, but also interesting and, naturally, entertaining on some kind of level. This is by far the biggest production to date, with over 80 pieces of art, 80,000-odd words of text, and eight or nine choices to make for each narrative arc, on the way to eight different endings.

It’s naturally terrifying publishing something that could very easily prove too transgressive (i.e. offensive) and controversial to players. I have absolutely no idea how anyone will respond to this game, but Sade remains a fascinating subject to me, so I had to try.

Do let me know your thoughts when you’ve had a chance to play it! I am looking forward to talking to you all about this one, a great deal.

And don’t worry, I promise you the next Dee Dee visual novel will be an order of magnitude lighter in material and theme. I feel like doing something bright and happy is necessary after subjecting Dee Dee and friends to the events of this game, and I certainly don’t want people thinking that the tone this game sets will be the standard going forward. This will, most likely, be the most experimental and niche of the Dee Dee games, in terms of theme.

Finally, thank you as always for your support! These visual novels – and everything that we do at DDNet – can only happen because of it. You may have noticed we’ve been a little quieter than usual with the reviews and articles on DDNet this week – we’ve been crunching hard to finish this game. We return to regular programming as of next week 🙂

Get the game by clicking the link below:

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