The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #5: 51 Worldwide Games/Clubhouse Games

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Article by Clark A. 

It’s the big countdown! Just as you pull out your advent calendars to count down the 24 days to Christmas, so too are we going to count down in our own way, by highlighting 24 games that you could play this month to get into the spirit of the season.

Christmas means different things to different people, but we see it as a time to get together with family and friends, relax after a long year’s hard work (and, given this is 2020, it was an especially hard year), enjoy good food and good company. It’s a good time to knock off that epic RPG you’ve had sitting in the backlog, or crack open the beers (or eggnog) and get stuck into the local multiplayer battles.

Each day we’ll highlight one game that you could have a great time playing over the Christmas season. It’s not a countdown, nor is it a “best of” list. It’s not highlighting new games, nor old. It’s just 24 games, one per day, that we love the idea of breaking into over the season. Have a great and happy season, everyone!

Game #5: 51 Worldwide Games/Clubhouse Games

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a game with greater universal appeal than one in the vein of 51 Worldwide Games. This really isn’t a title that demands a dazzling 4K display or a fancy arcade stick. As a celebration of humanity’s countless ubiquitous games across time and cultures, at least a couple are guaranteed to resonate with someone in your household. With everything from card games to board games to air hockey, the sheer variety is stunning. Naturally, this means it’s a game as perfectly suited to multiplayer skirmishes around the fireplace as it is to lying in bed trying to recover from overindulging at Christmas dinner. 

If you’ve never played some of these popular real-world board games, the tutorials in 51 Worldwide Games are competent enough in their explanations to learn them. The ease of having so many digital classics in one place should certainly entice you to give them a shot. Practice playing Riichi Mahjong this holiday season and you’ll walk away with either a new passion or a novel little conversation starter.

– Clark A.
Anime Editor

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