Sade: A My Time With Dee Dee visual novel character profile: Nettie

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Character profile by Matt S.

Hello everyone! Last month we announced the development of the next Dee Dee visual novel; it’s called Sade, and it’s going to be (by far) our biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Sade will also feature five characters, including two that we’ve not met in previous VNs yet. So, over the next couple of weeks, to get you all acquainted with the “Dee Dee crew”, I’m going to write short little profiles of each character. This week we’re taking a look at Nettie, who you would have met in the second volume of the series.


Nettie is the sharp wit of the crew. Playful and coquettish, Nettie’s a big fan of the arts and loves spending time at the local gallery. Art also tends to frame the way she looks at the world and everything in it, meaning she’s a little distant from reality, but in the best possible way.

Just like her sister, Dee Dee, Nettie isn’t overly interested in athletic sports, though she does enjoy a form of dancing. Unlike Dee Dee and her ballet, Nettie’s all about ballroom dancing, though she’s more interested in it as a form of art and expression than as a competitive sport.

Nettie and Dee Dee are the same age, though they’re not twins. Nettie is adopted, and though the two have a very close relationship, they’re also more than a little antagonistic and competitive towards one another. Dee Dee tends to get annoyed and Nettie… well, Nettie likes to press buttons. She’ll do it to anyone, using her quick wit and sharp tongue to unbalance and confound anyone, but she especially enjoys doing it to her sister.

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– Matt S. 
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