We have a release date for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

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I have fond memories of playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the Nintendo GameCube. It wasn’t the deepest game by any means, but it was a four-player action-JRPG, and it made great use of the GameCube-to-Game Boy Advance cable to give everyone a “two-screen experience.” The remaster will drop that feature, but will otherwise be an excellent co-op experience across PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile. 
Square Enix has finally announced the western release date for the game. It lands on August 27, and there’s a new trailer to enjoy too.
The full set of features:

Improved Visuals and Audio – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ always had a unique sense of style, and [the Remastered Edition] has never looked—or sounded—better. You’ll be able to explore this expansive world with updated HD visuals and even enhanced audio.

Character Voice-Overs – the inhabitants of the game have been brought to life with new voice acting.

Online Multiplayer with Cross-Play – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is an amazing co-operative multiplayer experience, and Remastered Edition makes it easier than ever before to join people to play with. You’ll be able to travel with up to three other players (four players total)—and cross-play support means anyone who owns the game will be able to join!

New Challenging Dungeons – This updated version of the game also features new dungeons for you and your friends to battle through. We could say more, but we’d rather let you discover them for yourselves.

New “Mimic” Feature – By collecting stamps, visiting Moogle Houses or completing difficult dungeons, you’ll get Memory Crystals which you can use to change your characters’ appearance to that of various characters you’ll meet on your adventure. If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your party, now you can!

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