Sakura Wars: Fan service with elegance

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Video by Matt S.

Sakura Wars is good. Really, really good. It combines wonderful writing with excellent characters, a gorgeous art style, plenty of humour and romance, and the action that breaks up the storytelling isn’t bad either.

One thing it has in spades through, which will put some people off (though of course I loved it) was the fan service. This is SEGA at its most fanservicey, and some of this stuff is genuinely eye-opening. You can expect some opinions on this stuff for sure.

Weirdly though, while some of the fan service is the usual raunch humour, there are other moments that depict sexuality and… risque dialogue in a way that is positively classy. So I’ve decided to do this video on the many facets of fan service in Sakura Wars, and just like a really well-cut diamond, wow does this game sparkle.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the game once you’re playing it!

– Matt S. 
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