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Article by Matt S.

As we announced last week, we’re going to start doing streams at DDNet, with a schedule of four different streams each week to get a look at some of our favourite things in video games – JRPGs, fan service, retro, and so on. We’ll also publish a summary like this one each week so you can catch up on anything that you missed but might be interested in!
So last week, as our first week of doing the streams, had us shooting up orcs and jelly-blobs in one of the most ridiculously fanservicey games available on PlayStation, embarking on the most beautiful magical girl quest you’ve ever seen, and strategising our way through the early era of a new Mongolian empire. Have a watch, and be sure to jump in and chat with us in streams in the future!
DDNet After Dark: Bullet Girls Phantasia

JRPG Saturday: Blue Reflection

Anything Goes Sunday: Civilization VI

Our next stream will be on Tuesday night (Australian time), and we’ll be playing something retro for Gettin’ Retro! Be sure to tune in to that, and if there are any games that you would like to see us cover, feel free to let us know in the comments!

– Matt S. 
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