Dead or Alive 6: Schoolgirl uniforms and the final hurrah?

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Video by Matt S.

All good things come to an end. For Dead or Alive 6 it seems like it came to an end far too soon, with Koei Tecmo announcing that the new DLC that was released this week will be the end of it. I know, I know, it was a controversial game among the fanbase, but I really enjoyed it, as a casual fan of fighting games.

Unfortunately Koei Tecmo did try and punch up with the game into the competitive space, and for more serious fans of fighting games there were all kinds of issues. Meanwhile the mixed messaging around the fanservice and humour put off people who enjoyed the series from that end.

In this short post-mortem, I take a look at the main reasons this game ultimately fell flat and support ended for it much sooner than with Dead or Alive 5.

But hey. It went out with a bang. Schoolgirl uniforms!

– Matt S. 
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