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Monday, November 25, 2019

Video: Shenmue 3: No, it's not "dated". It's art

Video by Matt S.

Shenmue 3 released last week, and unsurprisingly, it has proven to be polarising. It's perfectly fine if it's not the kind of game for you, of course - it is indeed a very striking artistic vision, and much like Death Stranding just a couple of weeks ago, that means that there are people that are not going to be on board with it.

But a lot of people are calling the game "dated", and that's an issue. Art doesn't "date", and therefore if we accept that games are art, we need to stop framing the discussion around them as though we're talking about a can of soup or bottle of milk.

Anyhow, in this video I explore some of my thoughts around Shenmue 3. Be sure to keep an eye out for the review in a day or two!\

- Matt S.
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Video: Shenmue 3: No, it's not "dated". It's art
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