Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure will make gaming physical once again

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Wii Fit was a thing of beauty, and Nintendo is set to get us moving again with Ring Fit Adventure. The title (and its accessories) were teased last week, but with the official announcement today comes loads more information about what that hoop thing is, how it works, and what game its relevant to.

Ring Fit Adventure will launch in October, physically only of course. The game comes with two accessories, the Ring-Con and Leg Strap. The ring con is somewhat large and flexible, and holds one Joy-Con. The Leg Strap, well, it straps to your leg and holds the other Joy-Con in place. You won’t be using the controllers in any conventional way; instead, they capture the movements of your body.

Nintendo released a seven-minute video that takes a look at the game and its accessories:

So in Ring Fit Adventure, you explore the world, battling enemies using exercise to perform attacks. The Adventure mode is spread across 20 different worlds. The goal? Defeat Dragaux, a rather muscular dragon. The Ring-Con is not only used for attacking, but also actions such as jumping or steering a raft. There are over 40 Fit Skills, or attacks, available. Each Fit Skill is a traditional exercise move. The game will help players learn how to do the move correctly. Each action will give the character experience points, which allows you to level up stats and unlock new Fit Skills. The game can be adapted to the player’s skill level.

Outside of the Adventure (story) mode, the game also includes mini-games and workout routines. Quick Play mode allows you to jump in and out of play, such as for taking turns to compete for a high score. Mini-games can be anything from breaking boxes with the Ring-Con to shaping pottery by performing squats. Simple mode allows the player to choose what exercised to work on. High scores are recorded so you can see your personal bests. Set mode provides sequences of exercises based on a theme or specific body part. There’s even a Silent mode for those who are wary of making too much noise; for example, jogging-styled activities are swapped for quieter exercises.

Ring Fit Adventures will launch on October 18, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Due to the need to remove the Joy-Cons from the console, it won’t be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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