Nintendo Switch set to get a new Vampire: The Masquerade title that other consoles are not

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News by Matt S.

Well, this is an interesting one; I would never have expected the Nintendo Switch to get a “console exclusive” third party game like one set in the Vampire: The Masquerade. It’s still releasing on PC, but if you want to play Vampire: The Masquerade Coteries of New York, you’re going to want Nintendo’s handheld.

This is not to be mistaken for the upcoming RPG spectacular that is also in development. Rather, Coteries of New York bills itself as an “immersive narrative experience” more akin to Telltale Games than Dragon Age. As per the announcement:

You act as a newly-fledged vampire in New York. You have to learn what it means to be one of the Kindred in a huge, vibrant, contemporary metropolis. On your way you’ll meet different NPCs–other vampires, thin-bloods, ghouls, humans… and more. You will perform tasks that will put test your humanity and take part in a complex and often brutal struggle for power between the Camarilla and the Anarchs. You’ll build your Coterie and learn your undead companions’ deepest secrets… or see them abandon you. You’ll feast on the living and will ask yourself about the very nature of humanity and will feel the constant lure of the Beast inside you. You will make choices for the character, including which storylines to pursue and how to approach the different situations presented. You will take part in a narrative experience with branching dialogue choices, memorable characters – all among iconic locales of the Big Apple. You’ll be able to use Disciplines to charm, sneak, intimidate or kill and your choices will determine your path.

Anne Rice: the game, perhaps? Either way, it sounds intriguing, though we have no idea what form this all takes at this stage, as the teaser trailer isn’t exactly helpful. With a release due towards the end of the year, though, we’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more about this one soon.

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