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Monday, June 10, 2019

E3 Trailer: Bloober Team is making a Blair Witch game

News by Matt S. 

If there's one developer that we can rely on to do something amazing with the horror genre, it's Bloober Team. Between Layers of Fear and Observer, Bloober knows how to craft chilling narrative around cinematic "walking simulators".

At E3 this year, Bloober Team has announced its latest, and it's the perfect use of the team's talents. It's a Blair Witch project game, and as we can see with this surprisingly extended trailer, it is looking absolutely spectacular.

Bloober Team's games are known for being free of physical monsters to deal with, and that matches up beautifully with the tension that Blair Witch is well known for - an unseen malevolence that haunts your every step, but is never seen. Remember how the original Blair Witch didn't have anyone die until right at the end, but all along the way you knew they were doomed?

Yeah, that's exactly what Bloober Team's going to be able to do with this game. I can't wait. This is the highlight of E3 so far. Oh, and it releases this year. August 30.

- Matt S.
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E3 Trailer: Bloober Team is making a Blair Witch game
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