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Google Stadia, it’s called, and it’s a Cloud-based streaming console that means you’re going to need one heck of a good Internet connection to get anything out of. It will let you play games across PC, laptop, tablet, TV and smartphone… all you need is its butt-ugly controller. And streaming and content creation is what this service is all about.

Look, I reckon Google Stadia is going to be the techbro, marketing jargonistic games platform to end all techbro, marketing jargonistic games platforms. Nothing about the Stadia announcement suggests that Google has any interest in promoting the more reflective, artful side of videogames. Rather, the killer big feature here is integration with YouTube and the ability to go from being a watcher to a player instantly. A great feature for eSports and streamingbait games. Not so worthwhile for anything worth playing.

But in saying that it’s probably going to be one megahit of a service. Here’s its features (and trailer) from the announcement:

Game where you want, when you want. Play across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, and select phones and tablets. (High speed internet connection required.)

New ways to play through YouTube and beyond. Go from watching a video to playing a game in seconds, with even more innovative experiences to come for select games.

Up to 4K HDR at 60 FPS. Enjoy gaming the way you love, with beautiful HDR graphics and smooth frame rates. (4K HDR at 60 FPS are dependent on your bandwidth. Gameplay experience may vary based on quality of internet connection.)

Play instantly. No updates, no downloads. Jump right into the game.

Always getting better. Stadia’s cloud based infrastructure evolves to meet the demands of players, developers, and YouTube creators.

Google used the announcement to also show off the interest that the “AAA” space has in the platform, with the likes of 2K Games, Square Enix, id Software, and Ubisoft demoing their respective major western games on the platform. Additionally, Google is setting up its own developer, Stadia Games and Entertainment, both to produce new games, and work with third parties to get their games onto the platform.

– Matt S. 
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