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The greatest classical modern JRPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, has been languishing on legacy consoles, but all of that’s about to change when XSEED launches the first chapter on PlayStation 4 shortly.

It lands in the US market on March 26. There will be a European/ Australian release as well, but that’s being handled by a different publisher (Marvelous), and we don’t have a release date for that one just yet.

Trails of Cold Steel is a little Persona, a dash of Final Fantasy, and a dollop of Dragon Quest. It offers a truly mammoth quest (it took me something like 70 hours for the first chapter when I played it on PlayStation 3), and is one of those very rare games that feels like it deserves to be that long. It never grows tiring nor stale thanks to the amazing characters, brilliant music score, and stunning turn-based combat system.

This is one PlayStation 3 re-release that absolutely everyone should support. Especially with the other chapters all on their way in English too… and this is a series you will want to play in order, as they all follow on from one another.

Also Alisa is perfection.

– Matt S. 
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