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Songbird Symphony coming to PC, consoles this July

I am so excited about the absolute adorableness of this title. Songbird Symphony is described as a rhythm-based puzzle platformer, the story revolving around little Birb. Take a peek at the trailer:

Birb wakes up orphaned in strange woods one day, rescued by Uncle Peacock. The other birds reject Birb for being different, but instead of being torn down, he goes on an adventure to discover his heritage. Every part of the forest has its own background beat, and many elements are interactive. Rhythm battles open new areas.

Songbird Symphony will be released for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 on July 25. It’s being developed by Singapore-based Joysteak Studios, and published by PQube.

Next Winning Post title delayed

Matt was quite excited when the newest Winning Post title was announced, and along with other fans of the series, will likely be a bit sad about this news. But first, here’s the most recent trailer to jog your memory:

Winning Post 9 was originally set to be released in Japan on March 14. This date has been pushed back slightly, by two weeks — the new release date is March 24. It will be released for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Koei Tecmo cites “further quality improvements” as the reason for delay.

Operencia becomes an Xbox console exclusive

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is Zen Studios’ upcoming modern take on traditional dungeon-crawling RPGs. Previously announced for PC, it’s now been revealed that the title will be coming to one console: the Xbox One. For PC, it will be an Epic Games store exclusive.

Following a showcase last month, Microsoft and Epic Games took notes of the title and, according to VP of Publishing at Zen Studios, Mel Kirk, “led to mutual cooperation that will help us elevate this title in a way Zen would not be able to by ourselves.”

The title combines hundreds of years of European folk talkers into one universe, including recognisable historic figures amongst a fairytale setting. The movement is tile-based, with strategic battles and puzzles.

Attack of the Earthlings is coming to console

It seems to be a week of console release announcements, with this being the third story about it in this catch-up alone. Wales Interactive is bringing Team Junkfish’s Attack of the Earthlings to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 5. It originally released for PC last February.

The game promises to combine turn-based combat and stealth with dark comedy. The player takes control of a native alien race trying to defend their wold against invaders. And it involves eating humans to turn their flesh into muscle and their other, er, “biological material” to transform your team.

The game features original music by Mikolai Stroinski (Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which is enough of a resume for me to trust him).

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