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Class of Heroes is Switch-bound

If you haven’t heard of Class of Heroes before, then that’s okay, you’re not going to be in the minority. Released for PSP in 2008 in Japan, and then localised for the west in 2009 by Atlus, the developer, Acquire, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the game by porting it to Nintendo Switch.

Class of Heroes is a particularly well-regarded dungeon crawler. It offers players 15 different “Majors” (classes) to choose between, 75 maps to explore, and a full alchemy system, allowing you to cook up 400 different items and equipment.

The more dungeon crawlers on the Nintendo Switch the better, in our view! The 3DS and PlayStation Vita were both particularly good for the genre, so it’s good to see that fine tradition continue on the newest portable.

MUSYNX has a release date… and new release platforms!

We’re looking forward to MUSYNX quite a bit. First announced for a Switch release last year, it’s another rhythm game in one of the console’s strongest genres, and looks set to join Voez and Deemo as a high quality former mobile title that feels like a delight to play on console.

We now have a finalised release date for the game; it lands in North America, both physically and digitally, on June 19. In addition, the first 5,000 copies of the game will have a far better “limited edition” cover (legs and all!). In addition to that, there will be a digital release of the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (with Limited Run Games already promising a physical release at some point down the track).

This is a pure-play rhythm game that promises over 50 songs to choose between, across a wide range of different genres; pop, classical, trance, vocaloid, R & B, and so on. I’ll pass on the R & B stuff, but the promise of vocaloid music makes me so happy… particularly when there’s no Hatsune Miku game in sight for my poor Switch.

MoeNovel has one gorgeous visual novel launching soon

Adventure of a Lifetime looks absolutely beautiful. Published by MoeNovel, this title promises a nostalgic coming of age story, featuring a runaway looking for treasure lost at sea. Which might sound like an unusual premise for a story, but just look at this trailer. It’s gorgeous.

From the press release: Set against a backdrop 1000km south of Tokyo in the Ogasawara Islands, a city boy, a half-Japanese, half-American runaway girl, and a girl from the neighborhood―all from vastly different worlds―come together in this nostalgic summer tale of teenage love, friendship, and growth.

This one launches on Steam on April 26. Gosh the visual novel genre has really exploded in popularity in recent years. We love it.

We are in love with SWERY’s new game

The Good Life is a “debt repayment simulation game” – or in other words a mix of JRPG and Animal Crossing. Led by Hidetaka Suehiro, or SWERY, the creator of Deadly Premonition, this game also has the creator of Panzer Dragoon, Yukio Futatsugi, on the team, and it looks absolutely brilliant.

The game is currently on Kickstarter, and unfortunately is up against it. It needs to raise roughly $815,000 Australian to hit its target, and with just 16 days to go, is sitting at roughly half of that. Generally speaking a Kickstarter does get a vital rush of pledges towards the end of its campaign, but nonetheless, it’s going to need to really push on in order to hit its targets. Have a look at the gameplay above and try telling me you don’t want to back it, though.

The game will be released for PC and PlayStation 4, and has locked in some amazing collaborations. The soundtrack CD is being produced by the Boston-based Video Game Orchestra, and Limited Run games is producing a gorgeous physical collector’s edition, featuring art books and trading cards and the like. Back this game, people! It’s been too long since we had a new SWERY game to play!

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