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Good day all! I’m here to bring you the final E3 event recap of the year, and I cannot believe how quickly the past few days have flown by. Today’s event is a digital Nintendo Spotlight, streamed worldwide beginning at 9 p.m. PST. I’d bet by bottom dollar we’re going to see some Splatoon, but all I really want is any news involving Animal Crossing. So without further ado, I bring you this year’s Nintendo Spotlight recap!

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The intro video makes me think the entire Spotlight will be Switch-focused. Mobile? 3DS? Please Nintendo?

And heeeeere’s Reggie! Close your focus and open your mind, he says. It’s not just about where you can take your game, but where your game can take you.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo starts off the Spotlight with a game by Monolith. A boy. Blue skies. Grass. Spaceships. A girl asking the boy to take her to Elysium, and he agrees. Battles wage against monsters and enemies. The boy and the girl seem to form a great team, working off each other’s strengths.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming Holidays 2017.


A hungry hungry hero? That must be KIRBY! This platformer brings new powers to everyone’s favourite bubblegum-coloured orb, and it appears as though he’s teaming up with others this time around.

Kirby. 2018

Pokemon & Nintendo Switch

A special friend from The Pokemon Company has two announcements! Only one Switch console is required for two players to play Pokken Tournament DX. The most important announcement was reserved for last: Game Freak has begun developing a core Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Prime 4

Now in development. It won’t be coming this year but Nintendo is clearly listening to its fans.


There are two sides to every story… and every stage. A familiar egg! It’s Yoshi! Nintendo is really bringing it with its most beloved first-party franchises. And is that YARN I spot?!

Fire Emblem Warriors

KOEI! KOEI! And Team Ninja! That means Fire Emblem!

A small kingdom must protect itself from an evil dragon that brings chaos and destruction. Two siblings set out to face the dragon, joined by heros from other worlds. Fire Emblem Warriors is available later this year on the Switch and 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

It’s time to sink even more time into the Zelda game everyone seems to love, as DLC is coming.

In Trial of the Sword, Link starts out underwater. The expansion is available June 30. The next DLC pack, The Champion’s Balland, will be available this coming holiday season. An expansion pass is available. The four champions appearing in Breath of the Wild will be made available as Amiibo.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Enter a “Reimagined Mushroom Kingdom” on August 29.

Rocket League

Racing… there’s a ball… must be Rocket League! The title is coming to the Switch with cross-network play and loads of exclusives this Holiday season.

Super Mario Odyssey

I’ve never seen an E3 conference with this much grass, yet here is more. This time a dinosaur is stomping around, and then POOF! Mario! It’s a new Mario title where he doesn’t need to share the spotlight with those meddling Rabbids.

It looks like Peach is set to marry Bowser, so our little plumber in red must act quickly! Super Mario Odyssey is available October 27.

And I suppose that is it, because the feed ended suddenly and switched to Nintendo Treehouse! That was like a 25-minute rollercoaster. If you’re interested in seeing the entire thing, it’s available here on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

And that’s a wrap on the recaps for another year, but we here at DDnet will be working tirelessly all week to bring you the in-depth info on the game news we’re most excited for! I think we can all be mostly happy with the Spotlight, despite the lack of Animal Crossing. I am reassured by the fact that what Nintendo showed was nearly exclusively games that are out this year, so fingers crossed for 2018 Animal Crossing!

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