What’s new in the Dee Dee store?

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Last week we unveilled the DDNet Goods Store, which is all about merchandise starring our mascot, Dee Dee!

As promised, each week we’re going to add a couple of new things up for sale, through the Zazzle store. They’ll range from clothing, to mug cups, stationary, posters, and gifts. Each week we’ll have another two or three products to share, so keep checking back!

And, of course, if there is anything that you want to see in particular, please do let us know, and we’ll do our best!

In the mean time, enjoy this week’s new items!

Dee Dee Beach Jigsaw in a gift box; This bright, happy, 252-piece puzzle is the perfect summer evening activity!

Buy it here.

Easter iPad Cover. Dee Dee is adorable in her Easter bunny costume, isn’t she? With this iPad cover you’ll be able to protect your tablet device with style.

Buy it here.

Dee Dee Workout Shirt. If you’re going to pump iron at the gym, you might as well look awesome while you do it! The ever classy pixel Dee Dee makes this shirt a perfect exercise buddy!

Buy it here.

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