Sekai Project bringing Connie Amarance to Steam

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News by Lindsay M.

Sekai Project continues to develop its impressive publishing portfolio as it brings Connie Amarance to PC via Steam. Developed by April Arts, the visual novel has over 50,000 downloads (and a rating of 4.5) to date on the Korean app store.

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Connie Amarance has lost her friends, her family, and her fiancé. An enchantment causes her to return to her younger self, and there are consequences for every person she interacts with. The illustrations are gorgeous, the music emotional and inspiring. Don’t take our word for it though — watch the trailer!

Now tell me that didn’t make you feel something. The cast of characters other than Connie include Chloe, Leaf, Michaela, Herald, and Lord Austen. I was enamoured by how distinguished they all seem, and then this happens in the trailer:

And that was it. Instantly, I felt the need to know what is happening to poor young Connie — and will she ever return to her former self? Are Michaela and Herald as villainous as they appear in the trailer? What is the middle-aged Lord Austen’s relationship to the much younger other characters? Why is someone covering her mouth? And who is that someone? How did she get to become young again? What tragedy befell her entire family? There are so many questions!

Thank you, Sekai Project, for driving me insane with such a tiny taste of what is coming soon.

– Lindsay M.
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