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Back in April I posted about This Is The Police, a moral choice strategy adventure by Weappy (I missed the bandwagon for the original Kickstarter campaign). Then I heard nothing, and so I began weeping into my pillow at night while longing for further information about the game. But now the time has come! We’ve got a gameplay trailer, release dates, and more information about This Is The Police.

First, to the trailer:

The trailer is essentially split in two halves, the first giving the story some background and the second showcasing actual gameplay. The graphics have a noir/cubist quality to them, which is my way of saying I’m all in all ready. This Is The Police features the voice talent of Jon St. John in the lead (you may remember him as the voice of Duke Nukem).

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The game promises hundreds of choices and a 25-hour singleplayer campaign. It’s up to the player to decide how Jack spends his last 180 days as a police officer in Freeburg, but the goal remains clear: Jack needs money before he is forced to retire. And that means Jack is going to be doing some incomprehensible, evil deeds before his cop gig is up.

This Is Police will be launched for PC, Linux, and Mac on July 28. A release is also planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but based on the above gameplay trailer I think iOS is where the game could really shine.

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