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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Sunday Screenshot gallery: Miku Future Tone edition

Welcome to the Sunday Screenshot Gallery! Each week, we grab a bunch of our favourite screenshots from the game that we're playing, at stick them here for your viewing pleasure - complete with silly screenshots, which you might find hilarious or utterly dumb.

Surely you all knew this was coming; With Matt picking up a new Hatsune Miku game this week, he's been going ballistic with the share button; at last count he was up to 500 screenshots. Don't worry, we're not posting them all this week! Just his ten favourites (so far).

We'll be back to normal schedule next week. We want screenshots from our readers, too! Shoot them over to, and we'll be sure to include them in our next gallery!

Oh, and don't forget - we're actually running a contest at the moment to win yourself a copy of this!

Miku's Arabian harem costume is absolutely divine.

Miku in a wedding dress, hugging a big knife... holy crap. RUN.

I have never been good at this track. The video clip is a delightful throwback to 70's beach music, and I always get distracted by what's going on in the background.

I so can't wait for Miku VR. This will be even cooler in 3D.

Dawwwwm they make such a cute couple.

The detail that has gone into this game is absolutely amazing.

Is it too late to have Miku run for president? She'd be way better than Trump or Clinton.

MEIKO's music is the best, with a lot of dancey/ disco-y stuff. She's got some really elegant costumes, too.

It might be a touch cold in winter for that costume, Miku. 

Kaito's the gift that just keeps on giving. Stick him in his swimmers in any track for laughs - trust us. 
The Sunday Screenshot gallery: Miku Future Tone edition
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