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It’s time to let the cat out of the bag: I love cooking games. Each one is my dirty little secret, but I’m willing let my dirty laundry air just to emphasize how excited I am that Team17 will be publishing Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked, a kooky cooking game that has a new level of excitement compared to most — multiplayer!

Described as a “chaotic, couch co-op cooking game,” Overcooked is about coming to the rescue of the Onion Kingdom by cooking the finest meals imaginable. The kitchens are abnormal to say the least, although cruel may be a better word for it. Players must become master chefs to conquer an ancient edible evil (I never expected to see those three words go together!) that is endangering the kingdom.

Sound a little strange? You bet, and that’s all the fun! Watch the trailer if you don’t believe me. Actually, watch it even if you do, because it’s super quirky and happy.

Players can engage in the cooking battle alone or with up to three other people for some classic, chaotic couch co-op. There are co-operatice and competitive challenge modes. By cooking different dishes and working together, the Onion Kingdom may just have a chance!

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Overcooked is developed by Ghost Town Games, a new indie development team comprised of Phil Duncan and Oli De-Vine (both ex-Frontier staff members). The team expresses gratitude to Team17 to help with the upcoming release, with Duncan stating, “We’ve been working on the game for over a year now and it’s just great to have the help and support of a team with 25 years’ experience that has as much love for local multiplayer gaming as we do!”

Look out for Overcooked later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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