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It just does not get better than this. Hatsune Miku (yeah, we all know who she is by now) has made a foray into Haute Couture high fashion, thanks to an absolutely stunning gown designed by one of the absolute legends of high-end fashion, Riccardo Tisci.

The dress, above, is just unbelievably gorgeous, too. And that model… I wonder how much the whole package would cost – it would go perfectly with my figurine collection!

The dress-up session was so that Miku (and Tisci’s brilliance) could make an appearance in Vogue as a designer-and-model duo.

Some select quotes from the article show off just how much of a fan Tisci is of our girl.

“She’s so cool,” says Riccardo Tisci, almost breathlessly, as he stares at the beauty on an iPhone screen. Earlier in the year, Miku traveled thousands of miles to Paris (via fiber-optic cables, of course) to “meet” with the designer for a couture-gown fitting… The balance is electric: Miku, the technological pyrotechnic, and Riccardo, whose couture program knows no competition when it comes to handmade intricacies. Manus x machina, totally killing it.

Mind you, I’m not amused by this one.

“I want to ask her to be my date,” says Tisci. “But . . . let’s see what she says. She might be too busy.”

If it comes to it, I’m willing to go pistols at dawn with this guy.

Related reading: I mean, sure Riccardo Tisci gave Miku an awesome dress, but I got her on the front page of Australia’s biggest newspaper. I declare I win.

On a more serious note I think now is a good time to remind everyone that I did predict that digital idols would be used for more than gimmicky fashion one-offs, but major fashion labels would start quite seriously using them as more than a gimmick. I pre-empted Louis Vuitton’s use of Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning in a major global fashion campaign, and Miku’s jump into high fashion is yet more proof that I am indeed the oracle.

Go me.

– Matt S. 
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