Slender: The Arrival dev announces Valley, coming this summer

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Canadian developer Blue Isle Studios have announced that its new first-person adventure game Valley will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer. Valley will give players the freedom to explore a vast and beautiful world and uncover secrets long since forgotten. The game will feature a futuristic high-tech suit, dubbed the L.E.A.F Suit (Leap Effortlessly through the Air Functionality), which will grant players exceptional speed and agility along with the extraordinary ability to manipulate life and death. I always wanted to be a doctor.

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“After the success of Slender: The Arrival, we wanted to do something completely unique that offered players an amazing amount of freedom, and Valley is just that,” said Alex Tintor, CEO of Blue Isle Studios. “This is an incredibly exciting project for us – something totally new and distinct, that we expect will intrigue players.”

Take a big robot jump down to the new announcement trailer below:

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