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Well readers, I am going to be upfront about this: if you choose to go further than this paragraph, you may not want to do it in a public or work setting.

Now that you’re tucked away in a corner somewhere on your cell phone, here’s the details: Idea Factory has released a bunch (that’s a technical term, surely) of more screens from Trillion: God of Destruction. And it was kind enough to throw in some character art as well.

This latest batch of artwork features two new Overlords, Ashmedia and Mammon. While their art style is the same, these two girls stand in stark contrast to the cute-and-cuddly Fergor we showed you a few weeks ago. These girls are 100 per cent sexual beings, that much is being made clear.

Let’s start with Ashmedia. Ashmedia is the Overlord of Lust and fully embodies all that title includes.

Ashmedia is a flirt and a tease, but it’s not easy to tell if she’s being serious. Lust is even incorporated into battle, as she yearns to hear the death cry of an enemy after being struck by her dual weapons, Incu and Succu. Make special note of those names, as they certainly aren’t an accident: an incubus is a demon who takes on a male form to seduce females into sex, whereas a succubus is its female counterpart. Some legends insist that sexual activity with either demon can cause health problems or even death, making Incu and Succu the perfect names for weapons belonging to Lust.

Mammon’s name evokes similar familiarity as Lust’s weapons: “mammon” is a noun that is defined by Merriam-Webster as “material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence.” One can instantly see the link between such a name and her title, Overlord of Greed.

Mammon is supposed to watch over the Gates of Hell, but she’s more often found seeking out treasure in the Underworld. Luckily, she’s actually amassed enough of a fortune to save herself when Trillion invaded. Her weapon of choice is actually two, a pair of twin daggers. Mammon’s motivation is clear: beat Trillion, become the Great Overlord, acquire all treasures in the Underworld.

Trillion: God of Destruction is a PlayStation Vita exclusive, and I am certain that it will sell a few consoles based on that alone. The game is available both physically and digitally on March 29 in North America and April 1 in Europe. It features six Overlords at your disposal in an epic quest to defeat a god with a trillion hit points.

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