Temple Run 2 gets a chilly update with Frozen Shadows

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Your eyes do not deceive you: the insanely popular mobile game Temple Run 2 is getting an expansion. The gang is going subzero in Frozen Shadows, which will be available as an update to the game itself (check Google Play or the App Store soon).

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Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, and the rest of the runners trade their sneakers for snow boots as they slip away from Demon Monkeys in this new world. There is not only new terrain, but also an ice luge challenge. In the challenge, players tilt their screen to travel through ice tunnels while riding on a giant Demon Monkey skull. There are also new artifacts, new winter-appropriate costumes, and a terrifying new Demon Monkey.

Frozen Shadows isn’t even the only update planned for Temple Run 2. When talking about the expansion, Imangi co-founder Keith Shepherd said, “This is the first in a series of world expansions we have planned for Temple Run 2 over the next year.”

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