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Originally released in Japan by Bandai Namco, acttil is now confirmed to be bringing PS Vita dungeon crawler RPG Ray Gigant to players in North America and Europe.

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Ray Gigant features three heroes, each of which want to save their world while carrying different ideals. Each character gets their own story arc, and each arc converges at the end of the game. It’s set in the near future, after our planet’s major cities have been destroyed by giant creatures (Gigants). Gigants are alien lifeforms who tend to take on the form on legendary beasts. Military forces are unable to stop the Gigants, but it is a reported a boy was able to defeat one using a mysterious power.

Each character is levelled up via the Evolve Tree System, which has three branches (Physical, Command, Item). Battles include 3-way view, too see the action from the perfect angle. In boss battles, each character uses their own personal special abilities. Battles also feature a rhythm-based action system called Slash Beat Mode, where characters can unleash hidden powers; when timed correctly, this unleashes a massive amount of damage.

Ray Gigant was developed by Experience Inc. It will have a digital-only release for North America and Europe in Spring 2016.

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